I sometimes wonder what it must be like to be like the “normal” writers. You know the ones who have a single project that they’re working on. One book they’re writing. One series they’re creating.

Is it quiet and peaceful in their heads? Do they sleep blissfully at night?

I don’t think I’ve ever been like that. My brain has always been a mess of characters and ideas since I started putting ideas to paper as a teenager. (I recall in sixth form, or was it seventh, writing simultaneously about a girl who lost her best friend to drink driving and an epic fantasy about a Queen trying to restore her kingdom…)

Nowadays I have a lot more than two stories on the go, and a lot more than a couple of voices all vying for attention. In the height of my RP days, I was creating new accounts almost weekly, which followed to a new plot idea being posted each week instead. I’m trying to have better balance with it now but at the same time trying not to lose that creative spark and inspiration.

It’s overwhelming at times to try and work out where to focus attention, especially as I am so excited to share some stories with the world. I want to get all the City of the Wiccad stories out, and of course Shadow of Avalon (book two has been delayed way too long).Faeted Tales, which will lead to Babypire being able to be released. There is also the Children of the Immortals tales which are hinted at with the Wiccad and the Faeted. (Stephen King’s little links through his stories inspired me it seems – to the extreme). Then I have my Fairy Tale ‘Wolf Moon’, my young adult dystopian novel which is somewhere around the 50k mark. Cassie Rose, Two Beds and a Coffee Machine, Three Scars, Starcrossed…and then all the stories that have been begun with the lyric writing. My mermaid story really wants to be written, the Druidess origins and the modern-day reboot, Olivia and her lessons in irony. Not to mention all the rest of the Tales of the Wiccad. Then there is Mellie. And Ari. And Becky. And Lia. And my dragon. And his kitten. And Peggy. And my batty vigilante. The TSS. Afterdead. Zombiepocalypse. Marian. And. And. And.


I can see how easy it would be to slip into madness.

Sometimes I wonder if I should get people to vote each day on where I should focus. Or should I learn discipline to just keep with one and only one story at a time? But then I risk killing the muse. But being overwhelmed can kill the muse too. It’s like walking a tightrope with your arms full of things you can’t bear to drop but that might topple you over.

The joys of being this writer. But I’ll get there. I already know I can, after all, we have My Fair Catherine coming out soon. Stay tuned this week for the release day announcement. It’s not far away now.

So, fellow people with stories and voices living in your head. How do you do it? Or are you tightroping the line of madness alongside me because the voices are real and they are demanding?


3 thoughts on “Tightrope walking for Writers

  1. Hey, hun (this is Keyana).
    I have a similar problem.. too many voices and stories.. but what I did was put them all into one BIG story.. so that there’s not one main character in the series, but lots. There’s twelve books and 2-5 main characters per book that’s a max of 60 main characters.. but one ridiculously long series.. 🙂

    Another thing you could do is be really organised with your compartmentalisation? Like, have a folder or a box for each story, and every time the muse comes up with an idea, you can write it out, and put it in that box. Like have one or two projects that you try to stay focused on (I usually need at least one/two writing and one editing projects going at once), and then when the muse drags you elsewhere, you let it come out how it chooses, file it in the relevant box, and then once you’ve finished one of your minimum projects that you’re focused on, you can go back to that box and add it.

    Honestly, I don’t think there’s one right way to write. We’re all different people and all with different needs, wants… and more importantly… all with different muses. Rules don’t really work in such a dynamic environment. I think we just figure out what works for us and do our best from there. But, I do understand the whole nearly falling into madness because of the bloody muse with its short attention span.

    <3 <3

    1. Hey, Sweetness. I’m doing a similar thing. Well kind of. I made most of the voices part of the same world and I’m trying to focus on their stories through it all. Trying to find the balance and I took a self-care day the other day and that has helped loads in getting my head back in the game. It would all be so much easier if they weren’t all such demanding and bossy voices. But then again, we wouldn’t love our voices quite as much if they were anything but their noisy selves. ♥♥

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