So I had a night of intense dreams that woke me early and left my mind whirling on the dreams and other characters and stories. So I can only really remember two of my dreams.
The first was inspired by too much Nikita and the junior team we are writing for the Team Secret Squirrel story arc. I won’t go into details because this blog is still mostly safe for work. But I was a secret agent Nikita styles and I got into some deep shite on an assignment and only just got out alive and my handler guy realised he had nearly lost me and declared his love for me, okay he declared his lust as well, insert brown chicken brown cow music here.
But the other dream was the one that seems more inspired and story worthy. I was out somewhere and met this guy, he seemed nice enough until the dream skipped and I was in a wooded area and he was a vampire. And I don’t mean the sexy kind of vampire that wants to give you pain and the pleasure, this was a dark and dangerous creature who was intent on feeding and killing but wanted to play with his food first. So began a long sequence that went, capture, feed and release, repeat. After a while I was in a great deal of pain, losing blood from the wounds and not doing very well on the whole run away part of the game he wanted to play. But never fear dear reader because it wasn’t a complete nightmare. An angelic being appeared and came to my rescue. He defeated said vampire and carried my rather limp form to safety. He tenderly cared for me and my wounds and I couldn’t shake this feeling that I knew him. He eventually admitted we had been in love in another life but he had died. He had been offered the chance to be an angel and he had taken it and had watched over my soul ever since. Cue swoonage here.
So all in all I woke with a very active brain that hasn’t shut down since. Other stories and characters have since jumped in to the fray demanding attention so first stop this morning is coffee and then I shall settle in for a long day of creative enterprise.
Also thank you to Frame Tale for tagging me in the Liebster Blog Award. It made my morning and is very sweet. So I need to tag some people so if you are one of my 30 odd followers and have less than 200 yourself leave a comment below and you might just get tagged too!

0 thoughts on “To sleep, to dream, to wake up inspired and unable to get back to sleep

  1. I love how dreams can really impact writing. I’ve started stories from dreams, and a number of times dreams have fixed my writer’s block and helped me finish something too!

      1. *hugs* Perhaps you need to go back and sort exactly what it is that you liked about the dream and only work from that instead of trying to write the whole dream. If you capture the spark of what you liked, then you can write without all the details of the dream that you don’t like. For example, I’d probably start with the main character and her love. Her love would die, and then I go into what led her from her loss to being chased by a sadistically playful vampire and needing rescue. Then when the guardian angel rescues her the story comes around in a circle back to her lost love. I personally quite liked the absolute “happy ending” that came out of a hopeless and horrific situation. Lots of yummy agony and then joy in that story.

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