Well that kind of sums it up. My brain is pitching a fit in a million directions thanks to the coffee. From story ideas, to planning a Gangster/Masquerade ball-party-thingy in my head, to plotting which cathedrals in Europe I’d like to visit first. All in all my head is a strange place to be. The only consistent thing in there is that most of these things require money and money is not something I have oodles of at my disposal. It’s an issue I know a lot of us have, dreams that require money and the economy and lotteries not doing their part to allow us to be the next Scrooge McDuck. (Not that I want to swim in my money, knowing me I’d have an allergic reaction and get covered in paper cuts.)

It seems annoying and just a little unfair that so many of our dreams and desires are dependent on cash flow. Obviously there are ways around it, but sometimes there just isn’t. Living in New Zealand I’m not really going to be able to find a cheaper way to get to Europe and the UK to see the places I’ve dreamed about since I was a child. And with my hours being less again now, saving becomes much harder. Of course I am still one of the lucky ones, I have a home and many of the creature comforts I’ve come to expect. Some of which I do not need but very much enjoy. I am not bad off and I know this, however, this doesn’t mean I can’t be just a little sad that there is a lot standing between me and some of my dreams. It doesn’t mean I will never have them, it doesn’t mean I don’t plan to work hard to get them. (Double negative in there, my bad.)

It does mean that I know what the obstacles are, it means I empathise with others in the same boat, it means my mind, coffee addled or not, is working hard to come up with a solution that will mean I can achieve my dreams and hopefully help other’s with theirs.

It means also I should finish getting ready for work…

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  1. I totally get that. I want to move away so bad I can taste it.. I’ve even been squinting at my savings and trying to figure out how I might be able to move and live for a bit to look for a job.

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