Time to feel Wiccad Within

I have been meaning to get the Wiccad Within cards I’ve been crafting out for sale for a while now. So, I decided what better way to get the information out about the cards than with a Vlog (Video blog). Therefore, I have made a video and you can watch it.

I am excited to get the Wiccad Within cards out and brightening up lives across the word. We all deserve happiness in our days. We all deserve to smile. Wiccad Within Cards, I hope, can give this to people. Who does not enjoy getting mail that is not a bill? In the next few days, I will post up pictures of the cards that are for sale on Facebook and people can start purchasing. Need to be in quick to make the Christmas deadline for postage. Though, who wouldn’t want a treat after the craziness of the holidays are over?

Affirmation cards

After the greeting card size cards are up and for sale, I will begin to release the affirmation card packs for people to buy as well. Perfect for the New Year as we resolve to change ourselves. And honestly, I think a more realistic goal for the new year could be to begin using affirmations and believing them. I think that is far more achievable for some than promising to go to do such and such five times a week or never eat or drink something we actually love.

Hands up if you are excited for Wiccad Within Cards?

Papercraft Wiccad Within Cards
Two Butterfly Wiccad Within Cards

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