The Return of Wiccad Within.

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Over a year ago I started Wiccad Within to separate out my writing posts from my motivational, spiritual and uplifting ones. It soon fell over because I got annoyed with how Facebook was treating pages. I decided that it was easier to put all my effort into one page.

But, that was before I decided to really run with Wiccad Within as a vehicle to help others transform their lives in the way I have been transforming my own.

So, as of today, Wiccad Within returns on



And soon there will be a Wiccad Within newsletter. You can sign up for to have Wiccad Within wisdom and knowledge delivered straight to your email inbox.

What is Wiccad Within?

Wiccad Within is the process of making us all Wiccad, unlocking our potential to become the best version of ourselves so we can find success following our dreams. There will be a lot of avenues to Wiccad Within both in the virtual realm as well as one on one in person opportunities.

Online I’ll be running a series of challenges, things like the 5 Day Mirror Challenge, the Quiet Your Mind Challenge and so many more activities of mindfulness, each offering the chance to work towards transformation.

I will be sharing wisdom, quotes, books and all manner of helpful information to help us all along on our journey to burning bright.

And I will be continuing to share my oracle cards and card readings. Plus, delving deeper into the more spiritual aspects of life. (I’ve even invested in some new cards and they are so gorgeous.)

There will be Goddess Within Dance workshops, offering people the chance to learn to be comfortable with their body and moving it. This will be an ‘in person’ to begin with. (With the right equipment, maybe it will go virtual as well.)

There is much more to come but for now, we’ll be starting with the Wiccad Within pages and going from there. Hit me up if you want to talk to me about things more in depth or you think you are ready to make changes and work with me one on one, in person or virtually.

Are you excited?

I am so excited about this chance to start helping people. To bring more happiness and light into a world that desperately needs it. I’ve spent a lot of my life walking this path to help people. Right from being sent on courses through Youth Group and school as a teenager. This feels like the right evolution. A holistic approach that ties in with my own life and my creative endeavours. And, to keep expanding my own knowledge, I’ve even enrolled in a course for Life Coaches which I’ll be starting later today.

So, come follow along on social media, and keep an eye out for more news about the newsletter. Let’s transform our lives together. And don’t worry, I will still be working on the writing. Be sure to become a patron on Patreon to get the most out of it. (You can check out this post about Patreon here if you’re not sure what it’s all about.)

Remember you are loved.



P.S. If you’re wondering what happened to my promise of weekly Vlogs, sorry! I will be back to them by next week. Maybe I’ll even do a video while out on a Me Date. We need a new Me Date post, don’t we!

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