It’s the day. Witch Warning is here.

Following on after Catherine’s adventures with the Children of the Night, City of the Wiccad returns to the City and the goings on at Maggie Baker’s home.

Gabby has confessed the truth to Benjamin, but that won’t be the end of it. How could it be? The Order knows what it wants and they won’t care who they hurt to get it. No one in the house is safe. The Shadow Guard, led by Benjamin’s Aunt Peggy, are ready to help but are their intentions as pure as they seem or does Queen Victoria have ulterior motives for letting her elite supernatural task force help out the police?

City of the Wiccad Act 8, Witch Warning

Witch Warning is the eight Act in the City of the Wiccad series under the new makeover and it’s for sale on Smashwords now. Once it rolls through the Premium catalogue it will start appearing at other retailers such as iBooks and Barnes and Noble. (You can find a link to my account on those sites on the Book page)

It would be a wonderful present if you would buy Witch Warning, (and the rest of the story) and better yet, review it once you’re finished. It would make my birthday.

And on that note, I’m off to bed to try and beat this head cold before it takes hold and muscles in on my birthday celebrations this weekend.


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