Welcome to week three of Writer Wednesday. For this week’s ‘author who inspires me to write’ I have chosen *insert drumroll here* – James Rollins.

Now I came across James Rollins about 5 years ago. A colleague read ‘Map of Bones’ for her book club and thought I would like it. She was right. I hadn’t realised it was the second book in a series at that stage and was given the next book in the Sigma series ‘Black Order’ for Christmas.

Five years on I own all the Sigma series and am eagerly awaiting the next. I have read the books a number of times but my biggest problem now is I start reading them and it makes me think about how I want to write, that I want my characters to be just as real as I find his to be as I get lost in his world…which generally means I trot off and end up writing. It makes reading just that little bit harder.

I have to admit that it’s not just his writing that makes me look up to James as a writer, it’s also the kind of person he is too. He talks with his fans, I’ve talked with him on twitter a few times, and he even follows me (I still squeal about that fact). He’s generous with his readers and completely engaging. And he gets to travel around and visit the places he writes about. He’s the kind of author I aspire to be one day.

I absolutely recommend his books (I’ve made at least 5 people Sigma addicts in my time.) I absolutely think you should give him a follow on twitter or like his page on Facebook, once you are done.

His every book captivates me and inspires me. So Mr Rollins if you ever read this post, thank you for the stories and the inspiration.

As a random aside because I just thought of it, years before I even knew who James Rollins was I created and named a character. Safia Crowe (Safia for Sapphire and Crowe because I was obsessed with birds at the time), imagine my giggles when I read ‘Sandstorm’…

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