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Writing Spaces – We all have them

I was reading a post by ‘Practical Magic’ author, Alice Hoffman about where her writing spaces and the evolution of that as technology unchained her from a desk, and I thought about where I write.

I write everywhere, I always have. But I do find sometimes I miss having a closed-off space where I can write with the door closed. (Something I learned from Stephen King.) Many years ago, I wrote my first book with the door closed. We had a separate garage from the house and in there I had my old computer. I would go out there every day, have my work out and then write. I wasn’t allowed back in the house until I hit my goal. (Right now, I can’t recall now whether it was 2,000 or 5,000 words Monday to Friday.) I knocked out my novel in about seven weeks.

That novel never ended up being sent off to find an agent or publisher. But maybe one day I’ll return to the world of Eridis, it had good characters and some good plot lines, even if I was just a beginner writer.

I miss that writing space.

I miss having an office. Even though I am home alone to write most days, it’s the communal areas that I write in, it’s my own space and there isn’t really a door to close from the rest of the world.

Some days that’s not a problem and I can get out thousands of words in a sitting. Other times, I just want to be somewhere different, somewhere that is not our day to day living space.

I’ve never written in a coffee shop. Many people rave about this being a wonderful place to go and create. I admit, good old anxiety always stopped me in the past from doing it. Would I be thought weird if I did that in small-town New Zealand? (Not that Napier is exactly tiny but it’s a far cry from New York or London where I always see posts of coffee shop writing).

I’m contemplating trying it. Any suggestions of nice cafes to write in?

I’ve thought about writing in the lovely spots of nature I know. I don’t think they’d be that distracting, but they wouldn’t be ergonomically friendly. After nearly twenty years of back injuries, I know I’d be asking for trouble. Still, it would be a break from the mundane of these same spaces.

You can find writing spaces anywhere really.

With a Bluetooth keyboard, I really can write anywhere with my phone handy. I’ve written in hospital rooms, in waiting areas of gymnasiums, in cars, at family houses, at beaches, at work, in lunchrooms. I’ve written on laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, on notepads, in notebooks, on the back of business reports that had to be reprinted again.

Because of this, I’ve written thousands of words, no, millions of words, and I plan to write millions more. And right now I miss having a little office of my own. My own writing space where I can do my own ritual and write. That’s not in the cards at the moment, so here I am in the living room as K gets ready for swimming practice. It’s Saturday and I’m told I don’t have to make words today, it’s the weekend. But that’s not how this works.

So, I shall put on my playlist, or create a new one (because we need that, right?) and then I shall make words. 2,000 words if I have my way. I’ll create a door in my mind and shut it if I have to. Ignore my phone, any alerts on my computer. Pretend there is just me, the music and these words. I shall create.

And one day, I shall have my office again with books on the walls. Until then, I’ll keep making words.


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2 thoughts on “Writing Spaces – Where do you write?

  1. I live in NYC, and it still seems odd to me that people go to coffee shops to write. I, personally, would go to the public library, but that’s just me. (Free WiFi and no expectation/pressure to buy anything.) Aw, I hope you get your own office/writing space real soon!

    1. I’m not sure if our library really has the space for a writer, though it has a lovely area for young people to come and do home work and read and such. I admit, I haven’t been to the library in a while and I should remedy that. I used to go weekly.
      Awww, thankies. I think that will be many years away. (Like when K leaves home lol)

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