So I decided I wanted to overwhelm myself and did a to do list of the novels/novellas/short stories I’m working on alone and with Sam plus what other characters I have stories I’m working on/plotting/rping… so yes colour me overwhelmed but I have a list now and I can slowly work through it and tick things off. Be prepared for the muse to return and words to flow. I want to return to writing at least 2000 words a day.

Babypire – Finish

SoA Nyssa’s Tale – Edit

Eiridis – Finish rewrite

Tiffany – Finish

SoA Tales of the Lake – Finish

SoA Aoife’s story – Finish

SoA Queen’s Tale – Edit

COTI – Finish book one

COTI/Christine side story – Rewrite and finish or rework to incorporate as another character/story

COTI Greek past and present stories – Finish

Fae Tales – Finish book one

After Dead – Finish

Guardians – Finish numerous stories

TSS Derek’s destruction – Rewrite and finish

TSS – Finish numerous tales, especially the FT Killers SL

Avenging Tienai – Rewrite and finish

Zarina’s story – Finish

Cassie Rose – Rename and finish

Cursed Eva – Finish

Minerva – Write/Finish

Fairy Tale Princess story – Finish

A siren song – Finish

Dancers – Finish

Ryna – Finish

Zompocalypse – Finish all stories

Future Steampunk – Finish

The Dig – Write/Finish

Prohibition – Finish

Other active/semiactive characters writing/twitter/tumblr  – Siobhan/Breana/Jas/Krysta/Benji/George/Becky/Amana/Kelly/Khali/Briar/Lily/Meadhbh/MacKenzie/Buffy/Vesta/Britt/Lizzie/Meli/Terri/Safia/Tiarel/Jade/Kayla/Jai/Frankie/Danya/Rowena/Anora/Marco/Danny/Keri/

Let’s do this thing.

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