I didn’t think I was good enough, strong enough, worth enough. I was worn down by bullies and life when I was too young to understand and it was their voices I heard in my head.
I grew up and I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t believe I could do it, that I should do it, that I should even try.
I went to low places, to dark places, I went where I couldn’t see the forest of my good life just the dark beneath the canopy.
I forgot I was brave.
I forgot I was strong.
I forgot that there is a little witch in all of us and life can be magical.
Then I fought small battles and surprised myself by winning, I achieved small goals and victories.
I was still too scared to try for the big ones.
I let petty people and bad times hold me back again.
I’m good at handcuffing myself to the altar of doubt.
I didn’t try all that I wanted because I was scared, because failure was an option and I thought I would fail…so really I did.
Why should I continue like that?
I am brave and fearless, I am the lioness and dammit you should hear me roar.
This year I can’t take myself prisoner, I shouldn’t. This isn’t a New Year’s resolution, it’s a realisation.
I am strong enough.
I am good enough and worth enough.
This….this is going to be magical and you’re going to hear me roar.

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